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Research and Development (R & D)

Antibodies (Ab) are the key components of adaptive immune response, playing central roles in both the recognition of foreign antigens and the stimulation of immune effector responses. The advent of monoclonal antibody (mAb) technology has made it possible to raise antibodies against specific antigens presented on the surfaces of tumors. 

Research and Development (R&D) aboratory is the affiliation of
Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) located in the Department of Immunology, Shiraz Medical School. The laboratory started in 2001, and was later expanded in 2005 with the aim to establish a centralized foundation to coordinate research activities and production in the field of human and animal monoclonal antibodies and to step in an expanded scientific and industrial motivation.

The mission of R & D laboratory is to:

  • Act as a base to expand basic and applied researches in the areas related to monoclonal/polyclonal Abs
  • Obtain the means and research facilities for mass production of mAb-based biotechnology products required for research and therapy
  • Improve Ab-based diagnosis and treatment in the country

To date R&D laboratory has characterized several mAbs that are mainly used in the field of cancer diagnosis and cancer therapy as well as infection diagnosis. R&D laboratory is also involved in educational activities like training researchers and most importantly training of MSc and MD students in their thesis work.

Researches at R&D laboratory are conducted by a team of research assistants and staff under direction of the institute director. Follow the link to see the list of the institute staff.

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