Cancer Proteomics

To improve our understanding of the proteins that are relevant to the cancer process, Cancer Proteomics Laboratory was established at Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) in June 2007. Proteomics is the simultaneous study of the nearly all the proteins in a cell type or tissue, and the changes during various conditions. In contrary to the genome which is constant in almost all the cells of an individual, the proteome differs from cell to cell and is constantly changing through biochemical interactions with the genome and the environment. 
Since proteins play a central role in the life of an organism, proteomics is instrumental in discovery of biomarkers; the gold molecules in diagnosis, drug discovery, vaccine development and screening. The identification of potential new drugs and vaccines for the treatment of, and preventing the diseases are new promising developments to come from proteomics studies. An international collaboration to catalog all human proteins and ascertain their functions and interactions is being co-coordinated by the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO, ).

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Cancer Proteomics Laboratory at Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research is a collaborative center for protein studies in the institute/university and is currently under direction of Zahra Mojtahedi, MD, PhD.

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