Immune Regulation

Current projects



1.   Production and evaluation of  monoclonal antibodies against new breast cancer cell line, with therapeutic and diagnostic purposes   

2.    Investigation of immune cells profile in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma draining lymph nodes and search for tumor antigenic determinants reactive to patients sera

3.     Search for target antigens on pancreatic tumor cells using hybridoma technology and proteomics

4.    Search for novel bladder cancer antigens using hybridoma technology and proteomics

5.     Investigation of the clinical significance of TNF-α in tumor draining lymph nodes of breast cancer

     Investigation of the stimulatory and regulatory capacity of B cells in tumor draining lymph nodes of patients with head and neck squamous cell Carcinoma

7.     Investigation of the effect of adipose derived stem cells on the expression of co-stimulatory and inhibitory molecules on B cells derived from breast tumor draining lymph nodes


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