Cancer Immunology

The crucial role of immunology in cancer research, particularly in regard to advances in the understanding of tumor immunobiology, inflammation and cancer, immune suppression in cancer, cell transfer immunotherapy, and vaccine development, highlights the need to focus on cancer immunology at
Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research (ICR). Cancer Immunology research projects were the main line of investigations once ICR was established in 1998. The work group was then extended and physically centralized in an independent laboratory in January 2006 following extension of the physical space of the institute.
Cancer Immunology working group will focus on the molecular and cellular aspects of immune system in cancer development. Regulatory T cells and molecules, as the main barriers of a potent anti tumor immunity, are the first lines of investigation in Cancer Immunology research laboratory. Equipped with cell- and molecular-analyzers (including Flowcytometer and DNA sequencer), the research group is currently targeted both basic and clinical aspects of the cells and molecules involved in cancer immunity.  In collaboration with
Gene therapy and Stem Cells Biology research groups, the group also aims to translate the knowledge of basic immunology into clinical setting. Cancer immunology laboratory is currently directed by Nasrollah Erfani, PhD in collaboration with Zahra Faghih, PhD.

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