Cancer BioBank was established once
Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) opened in 1998 by collecting DNA and serum from cancer patients through creation of a network between the institute and the university hospitals. Apart from DNA and serum samples, demographic data of patients have also been filed. Our collection provided an important data resource for research and collaboration at the national and international level.

This collection is dedicated to:

  1. Support the current research projects on innovation and detection of molecular biomarkers
  2. Perform molecular-epidemiology studies on DNAs from familial cancers
  3. Make an area for national collaborations with other parties around the country
  4. Make an area for international collaboration in meta analysis studies

Samples from our Cancer BioBank have already been used in several basic and clinical research projects. Our DNA Bank could provide a valuable resource for scientists working on various aspects of cancers, such as new genes and new mutations, as well as structure and function of the genes involved in cancer. 

To view the last statistics of the DNA and serum samples collected click here. Since the institute is in closed collaboration with the different hospitals affiliated by the university and have the facilities for molecular studies in the context of different collaborative projects, the samples for other diseases, rather than cancer, might also be delivered and banked. To see a list of the DNA samples in other categories, rather than cancer, click here.

Follow the links to see the list of the Institute staff as well as lists of collaborator clinicians and collaborator staff at the university hospitals.

Since the formation of BioBank is regarded as an infrastructural project, therefore continuing support from collaborators is highly appreciated.

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