About Us

About Us
Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research (ICR), opened in June 1998, is located on Shiraz School of Medicine main campus at Zand Avenue. The Institute is the first nation’s comprehensive center in which both immunological and biological aspects of cancer are under investigation.
Started with a BioBank in 1998, the institute is currently developed into six research groups/labs as well as two affiliated clinics on breast cancer and prostate cancer. More than a dozen scientists are now housed in the Institute or are in collaboration with the Institute to perform both basic and clinical investigations on different aspects of cancer.

The focus of the research groups at the institute is on:

Preparation, preservation of RNA, DNA, serum, plasma and tissues as well as clinical and pathological data of the patients with cancer, used in academic research, national and international cooperation

Immune responses in cancers with a focus on inhibitory molecules

Immune cell therapy in cancer patients aimed at developing tissue engineering, immunotherapy and cell therapy

Immunogenetics in hematological and solid tumors

The biological activity of nanoparticles, microparticles and new plant extracts on tumor cells

Identification of protein biomarkers in cancer patients using proteomics technology with the aim of treatment, screening and vaccination.

Gene therapy and stem cell manipulation for tissue engineering

Stem cells and their role in tumor microenvironment

Research and development studies for production of therapeutic antibodies and recombinant proteins

The institute aimed not only to participate in the global attempt to resolve basic aspects of cancer, but also to translate current knowledge of basic immunology into clinic to improve patients own immune system for eradication of cancer cells.

The focus of  cancer clinics  is currently on two of the most important malignancies among women and men in Iran; breast and prostate cancer.
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