Research Facilities

Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research (ICR) mostly welcomes the collaborative studies with all parties in the university, around the country and internationally. The institute also mostly welcomes MD, MSc, specialty, subspecialty and PhD thesis from the university and around the country.

Following is a brief description of the main facilities currently available in the institute. For more information please contact us or get in touch with the institute research groups.



 Brief Description

Cancer BioBank

A huge array of DNA and serum samples from cancer patients and normal individuals and an excellent resource for research and collaboration at the national and international level. See full description here.

Facilities for nucleic acid amplification


Several high-technology thermal cyclers for DNA amplification, optical densitometer for determining DNA/protein concentration in the extracted samples. Also computer-connected Gel-Documentation system with UV light to detect the dye-incorporated amplified DNA. Different subtypes of PCR are routinely run at the institute.

DNA sequencer One capillary- 5 color DNA sequencer, for DNA sequencing and gene fragments analysis (GeneScan)

Cell and tissue culture facilities

Three rooms fully equipped with high technology incubators, hood and other required equipments for cell culture.

Flow cytometry

Three color flowcytometer (red ion laser; 488 nm) equipped with sorter for cell characteristic analyzing, cell cycle analyzing and apoptosis study. By applying the second laser in near future, the four color study of the cells will be possible soon.

Real-time PCR

A high technology Real time PCR system for quantitative study of gene expression and real time detection of DNA amplification.

Facilities for gene transfer into prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells

Transformation in prokaryotic hosts, Transfection in eukaryotic ‎cells (cancer cells as well as adult mesenchymal stem cells) using ‎electroporation, lipofection, calcium-phosphate method and etc, ‎Viral transduction using adenovirus vectors

Proteomics set

IEF cell with 2nd dimension-PAGE cassette. Also densitometer and Prodigy software for 2DE gels-analyzing and comparison

Gel Densitometer

Reflective and transmisive mode densitometer for determining the DNA/Protein spot/band density of the gels

Monoclonal antibody production system

A fully equipped cell culture room, purification systems and in hand animal laboratory.

HPLC system

A high technology preparative HPLC system for protein purification purposes.


DNA and RNA extraction from cell and tissues, Deionized and distilled water producing systems, several simple and refrigerated centrifuges and micro-centrifuges, ELISA and Plate Readers


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